Why your business should go mobile asap.

As probably everyone had said and written already, the mobile products are a big part of current day-to-day life. Every business owner sooner or later riches the point when they either have to put their toe in the water of mobile products or risk never to grow the revenue higher said point, becoming vulnerable to losing against their keener-to-experimenting competitors.

Like in any other industry, one has to always be one step ahead, especially in online commerce and retail. Investing in marketing campaigns can be one way to approach this issue. Still, once you attract customers to the platform, you have to convert their visits into purchases, which can be tricky without proper infrastructure. 

Have you noticed a recent trend of trying to increase customer engagement by moving some of the interactive modules to the mobile apps or merely providing just mobile app as a sole point of contact between the business and clients?

As an example, Spotify just concluded the Wrapped 2020 – its annual project that provides users with the statics of their listenings through the year. Usually, it consisted of personalised web landings, however, this year the company presented the results via ‘stories mode’ in their mobile apps, cutting the possibility to check it out outside of the mobile environment. 

Other telling signs, giants of current markets – in Ukraine they’re Monobank and Raketa – don’t event have dedicated websites, mobile apps are the only entering point into the business. And I bet you’ve not heard of them going out of the business.

‘Why’ you ask? 

We’ve combined some of the advantages of mobile apps over good old websites: 

  • Smoother user experience
  • Offline back-ups, therefore an offline operation
  • Using all of the phone’s calculating power, executing more complicated features quicker and easier
  • Consistently delivered push-notifications
  • Customer customisation based on one’s behaviour and preferences
  • Brand presence on the user’s phone 
  • Ability to target a specific group of clients

‘Okay’, you may agree, ‘but won’t the mobile version of the website be enough? We can even place our logo on users’ phone screen, so they’ll never forget about us. It will have all the features of the web and will cost us significantly less to release.’

Oh, my sweet summer child, that’s where you are wrong. If you read the pros of developing the mobile apps and simply applied it to the mobile version – I have to disappoint you, that’s not how it works. Even though you have your website adjusted to mobile size and basic functionality, it is still limited by using a browser as a getaway. It will still solely depend on user’s connection to the internet, will have the maximum page downloading speed of the browser, it will lose all of the statuses once updated, and so on and so force. But if using a PC you accept all of it and even get used to it, smartphones are the utterly separate story, and the standards are high enough for users to notice the difference.

You could try venturing into PWA (progressive web app) field, but in the end, it will still be the mobile version of the app, and if you want to get a platform with full-blown native mobile functionality – development of the mobile apps is your only choice.

So what benefits can we, Memcrab, offer you? I’m glad you’ve asked!

For mobile development, we use React Native. It was created by Facebook, specifically for creating iOS and Android apps, both kinds at the same time. Using it, you can develop one mobile logic and then apply it to both apps, needing only to tweak some appearance-related issues. This approach saves both money and budget, plus the devs can reuse finished components for the product’s website and vice versa. Altogether, that’s the reason we favoured this technology, we basically have to create an individual appearance for each platform, but the logic part of developed features can be used multiple times, and in the end, we still receive natively compiled separate apps for iOS and Android.

If you’re thinking about creating mobile applications for your business, need some consultation and/or upgrading – contact us via form below and find the credentials of our specialists on our website.

Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck!